I'm Back

Would you do me a favor? Listen to Into the Mystic by Van Morrison as you read this. It's my theme song for this LONG overdue entry. I think it's been well over a year since I've last written. I have really, really missed this ... and you. Life and all it's mysteries have a way of enticing one overseas to foreign lands (I don't mean literally) and sometimes you can lose your footing and way..

It's good to be back home now though.

During my time away, I have eaten and cooked up a storm and also did a month long detox and lost about five lbs. So proud of myself! I'm eating healthier, mainly fish and vegetables and well on my way to a lifestyle change vs. being on a constant revolving door diet. A healthy body leads to a strong mind which should go far into mending a once healthy heart. I digress, my friends. Forgive me.

I want to show you some recent places I've dined out to recently. All great, and one my absolute favorite restaurant that closest friends and I go to every year on my birthday. Eat at Pomodoro! This is the best Spanish Italian restaurant - bar none in the NW. I know what I'm talking about and this place means serious business. If you need any indicators - the owner and chef was invited to compete at Iron Chef America few years back but declined. So every year, I go to this place and typically order the same dish like clockwork  - Linguine con Gambero e Anice. It's all about the sauce!

Then there is the excellent Paella. One word says it all.

A friend ordered this Pollo alla Gorgonzola con Pistachio e Albicocca dish.

We can't forget about dessert. You must get the flambe, my favorite is the Bananas Flambe. Dessert AND a show!

Hope you enjoyed the pics. Well, this is a start after that long trek of being away, home and heart sick. Time for me to get some rest as tomorrow is another day!  I have a lot of catching up to do with you all.  Good night, friends.

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